About Us

Above9 is an online travel agency that helps to book Business and First class flight tickets for clients from all around the world. Our name represents a straight-forward and powerful promise – always delivering amazing travel experience and the highest quality service. 


Your experience is our priority

Above9 unites seasoned and passionate travel industry professionals who created this company to do things differently and to challenge existing routines. While many other travel agencies compete with discounted fares, trying to make the sale at any cost, we put your comfort and satisfaction at the top, and will not sacrifice it for the sole purpose of a lower cost. For us, your travel experience and the quality of the service that you receive will always be prioritized over how many sales we make.

Perfection is individual

We believe that every person has a different definition of “the best offer" and it depends on their travel plans as well as specific preferences and previous experience. That is why in Above9 each quote request is handled by a real person (not a search engine) who will listen and respond to your specific travel needs. Our consultants will prepare highly personalized travel options and help to compare them so you can make the best decision and book the perfect flight.

Relationships matter

Above9 offers a more personal and more caring service than many of our rivals. We always welcome feedback and look for new ways to meet and exceed your expectations. Where others consider their job done after selling a ticket, our consultants continue to be by your side whenever needed until you get back from your trip. We are ready to go the extra mile because we want to build strong long-term relationships and to make sure you choose Above9 for all your future travels.